Fun Stuff


Print these fun stickers on Avery #8293 labels for perfect pre-cut stickers, or on full page label sheets to cut by hand. You can also print on standard paper to cut and glue by hand, or on heavy stock paper to create tokens or game pieces.

Stickers are a fun way to seal envelopes and foldover notes. All stickers are coordinated with Stationery Studio designs!

Pen a Letter

Print this cheerful letter paper and surprise someone with a letter from you.

Find out how Stationery Studio lets you customize 226 borders and shapes with your choice of line style, line width, layout, print format and more!

Write a Dinosaur Tale

Use this cool writing paper to share what you know about dinosaurs, or write a funny or scary dinosaur story or poem.

Check out Stationery Studio for 226 borders and shapes you can customize for all your writing projects!

Build a House

Print this house, then cut, fold and paste to create a 3D model!

Find out how you can design and build your own original Medieval, Native American, Colonial and contemporary models with Community Construction Kit.

Build a Diorama

Print this diorama, then cut, fold and tape to create a cool diorama of the inside of a castle.

Check out Diorama Designer, an easy-to-use tool that lets you design your own dioramas of homes and buildings from around the world and throughout history.

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