- After all these years, Peggy's best-selling program "The Graph Club" is still garnering stellar reviews. Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D., well-known author and consultant, says "Graph Club 2.0 is really indispensable when working with students in the early elementary school grades." Check out his review at LD Resources » Brian Friedlander » Software Review: Graph Club 2.0 Revisited.

Stationery Studio: School Library Journal, September 2004.
"Although Stationery Studio is essentially for kids, don't tell that to adults. Every teacher wanted it… Geared to address state and national standards, the assignments are perfect for math, science and language arts classes." [Download Review, .PDF]

Stationery Studio: SuperKids, September 2004
"This is an incredibly useful program for teachers wanting to find new ways to motivate and support students’ writing skills. Teachers will think of dozens of different ways to make use of Stationery Studio." []

Stationery Studio: Teaching K-8 Magazine, August 2004
Blue Ribbon Review: "Getting your students off on their best "writing foot" is easy with this customized stationery tool from Fablevision."

Stationery Studio: Parents' Express, July 2004.
"Stationery Studio has an indefinable quality about it that 'speaks' to the writer and invites words to come to mind. If this all sounds too other-worldly, you will understand when you see it in action. Sometimes the best technology transcends its 'tech-i-ness' and touches people on a deeper level." [Download Review, .PDF]

Stationery Studio: Today's Catholic Teachers, March 2004
"The software supports the ISTE/NETS, NCTE and IRA standards and is very easy to use. Both students and teachers liked designing their writing papers, and the kids were actually anxious to get started writing."

Stationery Studio: Children's Software and New Media Revue, November/December 2003
"This is one of those programs that you wonder how you ever did without." [Download Review, .PDF ]

Stationery Studio: Power to Learn, October 2003 [Download Review, .PDF]
"If you can only buy one piece of software for your elementary classroom this year, this should be it."

Stationery Studio: Learning and Leading With Technology, September 2003
"Stationery Studio gives teachers plenty of charming and interesting graphic-rich papers to encourage students to pick up a pencil, crayon or pen and write!"

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