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Stationery Studio: Notes from the field…

"Thanks to Stationery Studio, our student authors are publishing every day. Stationery Studio is the spark igniting the imagination of both teachers and students." Susan Buys, Director of Technology, St. Michael's Independent School

"Stationery Studio is one of the best new products of the last two years. Universally, my elementary teachers who are using the program rave about it." Tom Plati, Director of Libraries and Educational Technologies, Wellesley (MA) Public Schools

"It's been a very long time since I have been so excited about software.  Not only are my students crazy about your program, but my sons are as well." Elizabeth Benno, Grade 2 Teacher, Westchase Elementary School, Tampa, Florida

"Stationery Studio is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of software I've ever seen. I've used it in so many curricular areas that I don't know how I managed without it! Charlene Ehll, Multiage Teacher, Grades 1 and 2, The Saul Mirowitz Day School-Reform Jewish Academy, St. Louis, MO

"Stationery Studio fits a niche in the primary classroom that has been long ignored by educational software developers - handwriting. There are so many options here, and they're so intuitively integrated, that children will want to write. This program promotes student practice in a skill that absolutely requires it. Teachers will find this is one of those rare computer programs that actually makes their lives a little easier." Dennis G. Mike, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Buffalo State College (NY)

"Our teachers loved Stationery Studio! It's perfect for all sorts of traditional and creative learning activities and can be used in any subject area. Right away, teachers see how to put it to work in their classrooms. No learning curve - just open and enjoy! The graphics are delightful and in their wonderfully enticing way, invite children to get busy with their writing. Stationery Studio is addictive for kids and adults!" Dr. Merle Marsh, Director of Special Projects, Worcester Preparatory School, Berlin, Maryland

"Stationery Studio is one of the most exciting software tools to come along for elementary teachers since the computer itself!   With a few clicks of the mouse, Stationery Studio lets you create theme-oriented writing materials tailored to your students' needs. It's easy enough for students to use on their own, yet so versatile and comprehensive it's also an indispensable teacher tool."  Paula McGirr, M.A., Kindergarten Teacher, Williamsville, NY, Adjunct Faculty State University of New York at Buffalo

"Stationery Studio is a wonderful new tool from the creative mind of Dr. Peggy Stearns (the creator of Graph Club and Neighborhood MapMachine ).   It will entice young children to create and write for school and for their own pleasure using easy-to-use customizable templates.   The classroom activities are wonderful jumping off points for teachers. This is a must for every early childhood and primary classroom." Eileen Barnett, M.Ed., Director and Educational Software Specialist, Lesley University, Apple Distinguished Educator and a member evaluator of the Educational Software Preview Guide Consortium

"This program is a special education teacher's dream-come-true!" June Cook, Exceptional Education Professional, Stuart, FL

"The beauty of Stationery Studio is that it fits into whatever you are doing. Learning is all about communication, and Stationery Studio provides a vehicle for children to communicate in a great variety of ways, allowing for creativity, different styles of presentation, and lots of fun! FableVision has created an award-winning classic with this great tool!" Evelyn J. Woldman, M. Ed., C.A.G.S., Education Coordinator, Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Assoc. (MESPA) Technology Center, Adjunct Faculty, Lesley University

"You have brought what elementary teachers should and could be doing down to very simple terms for busy teachers to use instantly - ideas, templates, and on target writing papers that can raise self esteem. Stationery Studio will be a wonderful addition to an early childhood or primary classroom." Diane Kendall, Editor, Children's Software Press, Houston TX

"Two thumbs up for Stationery Studio.   It is the perfect software resource for every elementary school.   Its creative interface makes it an easy program for creating letters, signs, lesson starters and much more.   Students and teachers alike are dazzled by the incredible templates that help to promote writing across the curriculum." Karen Brodski, Technology Specialist, Meramec School, School District of Clayton, Missouri

"Teachers are completely amazed and mesmerized by Stationery Studio – absolutely smitten! Some have used the program to create materials for their writing centers, spelling lists, number lists, and newsletters. The kids have been inspired by the borders and shapes - sparking their creative writing spirit. The program is so imaginative, creative, flexible and extremely easy to use - it is beyond inspiring. To that say I'm excited about it would be a huge understatement." Maribeth Bush, M.S., School Counselor, Lunt School, Falmouth, ME

"Stationery Studio is a brilliant tool that's easy and fun for students and teachers of any technical level. Kids of all ages adore and are inspired by the hundreds of creative and whimsical borders and shapes. Teachers love the Classroom Activities and Sample Projects that make it easy to integrate Stationery Studio into the curriculum. This is a powerful way to promote creative writing and expression in any classroom. If you can buy only one elementary software program this year, this is it!" Christine Lorenz, M.A. Educational Technology, Technology Director, St. Matthew's Parish School, Pacific Palisades, CA

"Stationery Studio is a fabulous, easy-to-use program for Kindergarten and elementary classrooms. The delightful borders, shapes, and envelopes motivate students to write and help them create professional-looking projects. I use it in my kindergarten for handwriting practice, for response pages to stories we read, and for notes home. Our most exciting project was our yearbook. I've used Stationery Studio so many ways. I don't know how I survived without it!" Mary Kate Fitzpatrick, PreK-K Teacher. Cunniff School, Watertown, MA

"I said I didn't have time to learn a new program. Now I realize I don't have time not to use Stationery Studio." Molly Gallivan, Grade 1 teacher, D.W. Lunt School, Falmouth, ME

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Graph Club: Notes from the field…

“The Graph Club is the most useful program in our school! Easy to use. Excellent graphics.” Cristy Quijano, Stafford Intermediate School, KS

“They were having so much fun making the graphs, they didn’t truly realize how much they were learning!!!” Daniella Morello, Highcrest Elementary School, CT

“My class used The Graph Club to show results of an experiment, and the results passed my wildest expectations. Wow! I think this is what teaching was supposed to be!” Michael A. Statt, Alfred-Almond Central School, Almond, NY

"The Graph Club 2.0 is a great way to actually teach graphing - the computer is only a tool that facilitates the learning. You can also assess student understanding by printing out their graphs and using the rubrics to grade them." Bobbie Cunningham, Daniels Run Elementary School, Fairfax, VA

"The Graph Club 2.0 is awesome! It has so many options and possible uses in the class room - both whole group and small group, not to mention individually. It’s easy to use and navigate through." Deb Fridsma, Jamestown Elementary School, Jamestown, MI

"The Graph Club 2.0 is such a versatile software resource for the elementary classroom. It is very easy to use, helping my young students to understand how to visualize and interpret the meaning of data and providing many modes of creative use. The extensive graphics library ties graphing to real world activities and all curricular areas. My students look for opportunities to use this program and are now "hooked on graphs". Thank you for such an excellent program for elementary students." Paula McGirr, Maple West Elementary School, Williamsville, NY

“Graphing is a regular activity in our classroom throughout the year, and The Graph Club has made it more exciting. Kudos to you!!!” Colleen R. Moritz, Springfield Elementary School, New Middletown, OH

"Unlimited possibilities of having students understand the power of what can be learned from graphs!" Marianne Handler, National-Louis University, Wheeling, IL

“It's a complete package of everything you and your students need to know about graphs and graph making and it takes only minutes to learn how to use. This truly is technology integration at the highest level.” Diane Kendall, Power to

"The Graph Club 2.0 is an outstanding program with superb new features… a must for every primary classroom!" Jackie Lipsitz, Reform Jewish Academy, St. Louis, MO

“It is no longer a struggle to teach graphing skills. Rather, it is the fun activity that has added a new dimension to my classroom and my students’ learning.” Krista Phelps, Longwood Elementary, Longwood, FL

“One of our objectives in third grade is weather. My students first participate in the Science Court Water Cycle lessons. Students record data over a series of days, then we use Graph Club software to graph our information. These activities, combined with using interesting non-fiction books for reading group, give the students a well-rounded, action filled weather unit. Thank you, Tom Snyder Productions, for creating software that enables me to do this in my classroom.” Tracy Mosgrove, Skyway Elementary, Coeur d’ Alene, ID

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Neighborhood MapMachine: Notes from the field…

“Fabulous! I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a quality piece of social studies software.” Patricia Sullivan-Hall, Winding Springs Elementary School, NC

“Neighborhood MapMachine allows students to use hands-on technology to create, write about, and present various aspects of mapmaking. It’s a wonderful tool, from learning about community to making discoveries about the world that surrounds them.” Colleen Larisey, Brownsville Elementary School, Crozet, VA

“It’s excellent! I like the use of grids and map skills. We have nothing like this!” Meg Henderson, Ellicott Elementary School, Orchard Park, NY

Neighborhood Map Machine is a very popular and highly used program at our school. Thanks for a terrific product, which easily lends itself to creative uses in curriculum integration. Walter Mains, Bendorf Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV

“Neighborhood MapMachine really helped reinforce the directional skills that I teach. The students do not know that they are learning… they are having so much fun! It’s hard to find software that motivates students and is a learning tool also! You’ve done a great job!” Connie Tobin, Lincoln Elementary, Hoquiam, WA

“I highly recommend Neighborhood MapMachine 2.0 and think it will be a motivator for extensive map skill practice. This program certainly gives educators a tool to reinforce map skills and required standards. Outstanding!” MultiMedia Schools

“Tom Snyder Productions was our readers' top pick among social studies software. The company's Neighborhood MapMachine placed first in grades K-3…” eSCHOOL – 2003 Readers’ Choice Awards

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Community Construction Kit: Notes from the field…

“One of my favorite programs for our 5th grade students is Community Construction Kit. This fits into our curriculum perfectly as students learn about Native Americans, Colonial times and present day. They create the villages for the time period they are studying and add their personal touches.” Maria R. Czako, Alan B. Shepard School, Bourbonnais, IL

“This program would make an excellent addition to a classroom, lab, or media center where children study communities, Native Americans, or specific periods of history.” Library Talk

“Community Construction Kit is another wonderful piece of tool software from Tom Snyder Productions. Creative teachers will find myriad uses for this software.” Teacher Librarian

"I am really excited about this month’s ‘editor’s choice’ because the theme is one that touches my heart. My first article for Teaching K-8 was a thematic unit about communities, and I would have loved this software then! What a great way to incorporate historic authenticity! There’s even a sign tool for naming building… But, that’s not all! A ‘Ruler’ tool makes it easy to correlate math skills. Measure parts of the house to calculate paint needed, area of new additions and more. Whether you design a replica of your own community or complete a recreation of another time period in history, your students will love this creativity and hands-on manipulatives of this program.” Teaching K-8

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Diorama Designer: Notes from the field…

“Teachers, take note! Here’s a product you’re sure to like. With this easy to use program you and your students can quickly and easily create 3D dioramas. Overall, the software has an intuitive design… you’ll find plenty to work with.” Children’s Software Revue

“Wow – my 3rd graders were directing these activities within 15 minutes of introducing the program… getting the students to stop has been our only difficulty!” Sandy Sherwood, Appleby Elementary School, Marathon, NY

"Diorama Designer adds a technology twist to a learning activity that has been a popular teaching tool for many years... I was impressed by the many suggestions for enhancing lessons with the use of dioramas and would encourage teachers to try this program to add a new approach to an old favorite - the diorama. Highly recommended." MultiMedia Schools

“Diorama Designer users are invited to journey through time and design their own rooms from four historical time periods… The program is correlated to national standards for social studies, math, language arts, and technology, and a helpful teacher’s guide includes suggestions for implementing the program and cross-curricular activities. Diorama Designer is a powerful learning tool that provides students with opportunities to apply their knowledge of specific time periods and their creativity and imagination to design dioramas with historically accurate architectural elements and furnishings. It can be used effectively by individuals, cooperative groups, or in a whole class discussion.” InfoTech, published by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

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Rainforest Designer: Notes from the field…

“The variety of animals, plants, and other objects available will foster creativity. Rainforest Designer is a colorful and well-designed program that would make an excellent addition to a science center, or as a tool for students to synthesize and represent what they have learned about the rainforest habitat.” InfoTech, published by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

“Note: This is one program that needs your attention. Most of us cannot take our child to the rainforest… but now the rainforest can come to them, in a manner they will not only understand but also enjoy!

“This well thought out, and laid out, software is easy to use and you can begin creating your own rain forest in minutes after installing the software. Even the computer illiterate individual will be able to figure this out in a snap. If you should run into any snares, there is a wonderful user guide that will walk you thru, step by step. There are so many tools and tweaks included that one could virtually spend a day with this software and still have plenty more hours of exploring… The picture gallery is a wonderful bonus. Narration is included with the photos… All of these little added ‘ditties’, as I call them, make this program an outstanding find.” Education

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