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Fab@School Maker Studio

Maker Studio is an easy-to-use web-based CAD tool that lets students in grades 4-8 imagine, invent and fabricate 2D designs, pop-ups, and 3D projects like geometric constructions and working machines. Maker Studio supports a variety of activities from simple to sophisticated and multiple options for fabrication from hand tools, to inexpensive digital cutters, to 3D printers and laser cutters.

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The Graph Club

The Graph Club helps children in grades K-4 learn basic graphing skills in a motivating, manipulative environment. Children create graphs, interpret graphs, complete graphing activities,solve mysteries, and print graphs in three sizes. Take the Graph Club Tour!

Neighborhood MapMachine

Neighborhood MapMachine helps children in grades K-5 learn basic mapping skills in a meaningful environment, creating maps of their own communities or those about which they read or study. Children travel around maps onscreen and print maps in 4 sizes from single page to 6x6 pages. Take the Neighborhood MapMachine tour!

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Stationery Studio™

Stationery Studio is two tools in one – an introductory word processor and a tool for creating stationery with customized lines and layouts for handwritten activities. The program includes 226 curriculum-based borders and shapes and ready-made activities for grades K-5.

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Stationery Studio™ Add-on Packs

The Stationery Studio™ add-on collections include hundreds of new borders, shapes, and activities to expand your Stationery Studio library and inspire writing across the curriculum. For more information, click here.


Community Construction Kit

Community Construction Kit lets you design buildings using authentic architectural elements, then print the flat pattern, cut, fold and paste to create 3D models. Includes 4 building sets - Medieval, Native American, Colonial and Today. Grades 1-6.

Diorama Designer

Diorama Designer lets you use authentic architectural elements to create interiors of homes and buildings from around the world and throughout history. Designs can be printed as dioramas or posters in three sizes, including a diorama that fits inside a shoe box.

Let's Get Writing

Let's Get Writing is an easy-to-read book of tips for supporting young writers and creative ideas and lessons for making the most of Stationery Studio. Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

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